Seizing Transitions as Opportunities - Annual Treasury of Knowledge Retreat

The past year has shaped and changed us in so many ways! Have you been able to create opportunity from chaos? Or have you been able to go with the flow? In either case, mindfulness mends us; it helps us catch up to ourselves, our lives, and each other. We’d like to help you find your own personal path to clarity by offering Seizing Transitions as Opportunities.

This exclusive video series includes:

* More than 8 hours of informative, experiential guidance

* Insight into how to prepare for planned and unplanned changes

* How to assess personal changes and reconnect to the new you

* Practical wisdom that translates into daily life

* Guidance on how to tell the difference between “purpose” and “goals,” which makes all the difference.

Note: Program fee allows for 120 days of access from the date of purchase.


The 24th Treasury of Knowledge Retreat (TOK), with Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, was originally held October 26 - 28, 2018, in San Antonio, TX. The retreat was an in-person residential program with 100 participants. It was the first year the retreat included an online component, which opened the talks to several hundred additional students.

The Contemplative Resource Center [CRC] is pleased to present the second program of the historic TOK Series, which began in 1992, in San Antonio, Texas. The CRC plans to present selected TOK retreats in a video series over time. We presented the most recent TOK, Medicine Buddha: Intrinsic Health and Healing, in a live online format Nov. 13-15, 2020, and it will soon be available as a public offering in video format.

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