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This Fall

The 28th Annual Treasury of Knowledge Retreat

Overcoming Division: Karma, Interdependence and Nondual Wisdom

With Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen

October 28th – 30th, 2022

In this weekend retreat, Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen explains essential points of these three key concepts of Buddhist teaching – karma, interdependence and nondual wisdom – and how an understanding of the interrelationship of karma and interdependence leads to insight into the nature of our minds and a recognition of our innate qualities of wisdom. The practices for working with our karmic patterns offer clear means for cultivating our powers of intuition, reasoning and logic.

Taught in English with translations to Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese.

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This Fall

The 28th Annual Treasury of Knowledge Retreat

Overcoming Division: Karma, Interdependence and Nondual Wisdom

With Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen

October 28th – 30th, 2022

Please Note: The live program is over but if you register today you will receive access to the recordings until Dec. 31st, 2022.

Are the divisions that everybody is talking about today real?

What cultural changes can happen when we look within?

Delve into these and other questions during this online weekend retreat, as Acharya Lama Tenpa Gyaltsen explains essential points of karma, interdependence and nondual wisdom. We’ll explore how the interrelationship between karma and interdependence leads to insight into the nature of our minds and a recognition of our innate wisdom. (view schedule)

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Chenrezik Sadhana: Two Teaching and Practice Sessions

Led by Mitra Dean Tyler Dewar

November 27, 2023: 5-6:30pm Pacific Time
December 4, 2023: 5-6:30pm Pacific Time

Hosted via Zoom by Contemplative Resource Center and Nalandabodhi Texas

Taught in English with translation to Chinese.

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Wise Compassion: Navigating Dark Times with a Courageous Heart

with Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche and special guests

Oct. 20-22, 2023 San Antonio, Texas

Please Note: Although the live program has already taken place, you may still register and receive access to the program videos until December 31st, 2023.

Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche’s teachings have illuminated the path for many, guiding us through the turbulence of our era with wisdom, understanding, and, most importantly, compassion. His unique approach combines ancient wisdom with modern insight, fostering a profound and transformative experience.

Over the course of this weekend retreat, Rinpoche will provide his invaluable insights into how we can shine the light of compassion in these challenging times, helping us to confront our adversities with renewed courage and perspective.

Join us either in the heart of San Antonio or virtually from the comfort of your home, and be part of this  journey of self-discovery. 

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Psychedelics & The Contemplative Path

Video on Demand

How can we apply psychedelic therapies to addiction recovery, PTSD and end-of-life care? Can psychedelics be applied to contemplation? What are the risks?

Join us for this Video on Demand series, featuring unique, educated insights from a collection of diverse viewpoints and disciplines. Explore philosophical questions about psychedelic insights, the nature of reality, and awakening, and learn about the history of psychoactive substances in Buddhism and Asian religions.

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New Video on Demand!

In Search of “Perfect” Community - Think Big, Go Slow

An Interactive Workshop with Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

Video on Demand - Original Live Broadcast on Zoom: Oct. 22 to 24th, 2021  

What does “community” mean to you and how have the events of the past year shaped your perspective? Connect, engage and reflect as you view the recordings from the 27th Annual Treasury of Knowledge retreat, a virtual, interactive experience.

Taught in English and Tibetan with translations to Portuguese, Spanish, and Chinese.

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English | 中文 | Português | Español


Seizing Transitions as Opportunities - Annual Treasury of Knowledge Retreat

Life transitions — including moving, changing jobs, becoming sick, or dying — are often times of pronounced fear and feelings of panic. However, if met with kindness and clear seeing, such transition periods can be times of heightened awakening and even joy. During this weekend program, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche shared Buddhist methods for tapping into our emotional and intellectual abilities so that we can meet these life changes skillfully.

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Medicine Buddha: Intrinsic Health and Healing 2020 Treasury of Knowledge with Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche


For the 26th Annual Treasury of Knowledge retreat, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche taught on the “Medicine Buddha,” a figure and meditation practice that has been relied upon for centuries in many different Asian traditions of Buddhism and is held to be extremely powerful for healing on all levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

During this rare weekend program, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche shares the key, essential points of view and practice related to this precious set of contemplative teachings.

In addition to the five videos of Rinpoche’s talks, this program includes the following video teachings: Dr Dan Hirshberg on How to Engage the Heart of Healing, a guided meditation by Acharya Lhakpa Tsering, Space awareness practice by Mitra Lee Worley, a guided practice session of the Medicine Buddha sadhana led by Mitra Lee Worley. Excellent translation of Rinpoche’s teachings was provided by Mitra Tyler Dewar. Additional program resources include a high resolution digital download copy of the Medicine Buddha by RD Salga, a PDF copy of Rinpoche’s teaching on Transforming the Fear of Death, the opportunity to receiving the lung to practice the sadhana via Rinpoche’s video transmission, a PDF copy of Khenpo Rinpoche’s Bhaisajyaguru Sadhana liturgy, and a PDF copy of The Twelve Great Aspirations of the Buddha Bhaisajyaguru, Mitra Mark Power interviewing Dr Phil Weber about healing, Menla, and the Medicine Buddha practice, and a number of additional resources for practitioners.

藥師佛:內在健康和療癒2020年知識寶庫 - 竹慶本樂仁波切






除了仁波切演講的五個錄影課堂外,該課程還包括以下影片教義:Dan Hirshberg博士講授關於如何參與心之療癒,Acharya Lhakpa Tsering的禪修引導,Mitra Lee Worley的空間意識實習,Mitra Lee Worley的藥師佛儀軌修持指導課程。 Mitra Tyler Dewar提供了對仁波切教義的優秀翻譯。 其他資源包括RD Salga的藥師佛高解析度下載副本、仁波切的教學“轉化對死亡的恐懼” PDF副本、透過仁波切的錄影授傳實習藥師佛儀軌修持的機會、Khenpo Rinpoche的藥師佛儀軌的PDF副本、藥師佛《佛陀的十二大願望》PDF副本、Mitra Mark Power採訪了Phil Weber博士關於療癒、藥物和藥師佛修持,以及一些額外的實踐資源。